Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Pope's Letter to Cardinal Sarah

This is most ominous. I have not processed all of the implications, but it seems the pope is in the process of a decapitation of Christ's Head in the Sacred Liturgy.

Fr Longenecker published a post of what he anticipates could come next, which I also believe are likely.

This is a historic mutilation of Christ's Mystical Body.

I ran to Fr Z's blog for a self-imposed intervention, but his post made me sick to my stomach.

I didn't think he had the capability and power to dismember Christ, but it seems the power has been handed over to him.

Your Grace Abounds in Deepest Waters

I've been busy over the last few months which derailed spiritual routine. I hate when that happens because I find myself sailing solo way, way out before I put my engines on full throttle to get back to intimacy with Christ and His Angels and Saints.

I've been itching to find time to listen to Fr Ripperger. This one on negativity came across my Facebook feed and I listened to it this morning as I was doing chores.

I listen to his conferences over and over.  I'll be in the middle of something and remember something pertinent he said, find the video and listen to his wisdom.   He is one of the people who keep me anchored in deep waters.

I was thinking this morning about how intellectually and spiritually bankrupt the catechesis is in the Novus Ordo world.   I'm lucky to have found a solid Novus Ordo parish that is going beyond the drivel, but I have friends, solid Catholics, who take the position it's all the same, so they glue themselves to a pew where the priests are invested in keeping people from examination of conscience and the absolution of their sins. Places that give you no tools for advancement in the spiritual life.

I do not get it.  Do they think they have reached the pinnacle and have no need for any more knowledge or virtue?  Because to me, it seems like they do not thirst.  They go about their business and don't even recognize they are their own rudder. They don't have the awareness to even know what they are missing.

There is no way that a Mass with priest disinterested in the state of souls in attendance gives the same Grace.  Yes, the same amount of Grace is in the Properties of Divinity.   But we, with our imperfections and limitations need the engagement of the intellect to get the fullness of Its benefits and put Them into practice as the source for right judgment.  And every day of every week, something new crosses the radar that we need help with outside of ourselves.

It is not possible for Grace to flow into ourselves and families and community in the same amount when we don't have the catechesis.   You can't give what you don't have--so our production into our family and world is on slow drip.  That is some of the cause of the catastrophic intensity of diabolical disorientation now at play.

I do take exception to one thing he said in this talk, though its possible he was saying the same thing and just not expounding upon it.   When speaking about Pope Francis, he mentions that we only need to pay attention to it to the extent it affects our ability to govern our children and family and it will work itself out.   This is true, but I would love to hear him talk on this subject alone.  From my perspective, many priests are underestimating this phenomenon.

When the Church was careless with priest sexual predator, we had some control over exposure and damage to our own family.  Most culprits were simply homosexuals looking for a booty call, missing the booty call, or had some other form of attachment to homosexual lust that was manifesting itself in what they were saying and teaching in the parish.  It was impossible to know the extent of what the attachment was, but when we hear and see it, we are off like bride's pajamas.The exact same thing holds true now, Fr. Martin being the current public poster boy of this vice.   When this manifests itself in a parish, we can pick up our family and go elsewhere.   Now that the pope has elevated feeding this poison from the Chair of Peter, we 1) lose control on the ability to keep it out of the family; and 2) the Holy Father has completely undermined the credibility of Church teaching and changed the reference point from Truth to the tingle in the pants and the direction of concupiscience. This is impossible to overcome.

So we cannot govern our family at all until it's silenced.  He has placed the devil as the source to listen to, and just like the situation with the pedophiles, we don't just leave the management of it to the Church because justice demands we do something to stop the rapes.  And if we find out a priest is a sexual predator, we do it every time.  So every time the pope opens his mouth, or appoints someone and gives them the agenda and talking points, we have to be right there.  If the frequency is daily, the onus for that is on the Holy Father.

I would love to know his thoughts!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Fr. Rutler Weighs in on the Death Penalty Nonsense

Dear Pope Francis, the shoe fits. Wear it.

“Use your brain” is a maxim often heard, but often resented. Such was the case when our Lord confronted professional debaters. At the age of twelve his rhetorical skill astonished the rabbis, who presumably thought that he was just a child prodigy. But later on, the legal experts were not amused when he challenged their logical fallacies; yet he came into the world to win souls and not to win debates. Those experts did not think their souls needed saving, so they cynically used syllogisms to “entrap him in speech” (Matthew 22:15). They posed a trick question about paying taxes, to which Christ responded that they should use their brains: “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s” (Matthew 22:21).

   Using the brain to figure out things of Caesar and of God does not easily answer the question, but it does establish some solid principles. Take for instance the neuralgic challenges to capital punishment. Well-used brains have understood that the death penalty belongs to the just domain of the government. The Catechism affirms this (CCC #2267).

   This principle belongs to natural law, which in classical philosophy, is “. . . the universal, practical obligatory judgments of reason, knowable by all men as binding them to do good and avoid evil.” Saint Paul appealed to natural law: “Ever since the creation of the world, [God’s] invisible attributes of eternal power and divinity have been able to be understood and perceived in what he has made” (Romans 1:20).

   Governments exist to maintain “the tranquility of order.” When popes governed the Papal States, they measured out punishments including death. One papal executioner, Giovanni Battista Bugatti, served six popes, including Blessed Pius IX, and personally executed 516 felons.

   That was the civil side of ruling; the spiritual side did everything possible to bring the guilty to confession and a state of grace before meeting God, because happiness is the realization of the purpose of life and is not mere pleasure; and unhappiness is the contradiction of that purpose, and not mere pain. Without that perspective, the death penalty seems an arrogant violation of life, and that is why today opposition to the death penalty increases as religious faith decreases. That dangerous alchemy substitutes emotion for truth and platitudes for reason. Such lax use of the brain is to theology what Barney the Dinosaur is to paleontology.

   Two professors, Edward Feser and Joseph Bessette, have published an excellent book: By Man Shall His Blood Be Shed. Such right use of the brain explains that abuses of punishment are intolerable, and the application of mercy is a permissible use of prudential opinion. But to posit the death penalty as intrinsically evil contradicts laws natural and divine, and no authorities, be they of the State or the Church, have the right to deny what is right by asserting that.

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I read yesterday that the USCCB is about to publish a prayer book "to dispel the darkness".

Color me jaded from the 50 years cowardice and error, but I'm suspicious of this project.  I can't help thinking that their idea of "the darkness" is the rabbit hole of heresy they keep trying to drag us into.   I am mystified  that they think their grand larceny of Sanctifying Grace for three generations can be overcome while they continue to Lure Christ's people into mortal sin.

 They better be careful what they pray for, that's a prayer of self-destruction if I ever heard one.

Thanks anyway, but I think we'll be sticking with Fr Ripperger.

In any event, I wanted to share this prayer of St John Paul II with you.   How I love and miss this man and his constant presence in my life.   Especially when I'm in the middle of something and thinking like a mortal, not wanting to bother Christ with something I think is too small to seek His guidance.  St John Paul II's presence manifests itself -- and every time, it rocks my spiritual equilibrium.  He's  prayed more miracles into existence than I could ever remember.  I can't imagine where I would be without his friendship and spiritual mentoring.

Prayer of St John Paul II:

Immaculate Heart! Help us to conquer the menace of evil, which so easily takes root in the hearts of the people of today, and whose immeasurable effects already weigh down upon our modern world and seem to block the paths towards the future!
From famine and war, deliver us.
From nuclear war, from incalculable self-destruction, from every kind of war, deliver us.
From sins against the life of man from its very beginning, deliver us.
From hatred and from the demeaning of the dignity of the children of God, deliver us.
From every kind of injustice in the life of society, both national and international, deliver us.
From readiness to trample on the commandments of God, deliver us.
From attempts to stifle in human hearts the very truth of God, deliver us.
From the loss of awareness of good and evil, deliver us.
From sins against the Holy Spirit, deliver us, deliver us.
Accept, O Mother of Christ, this cry laden with the sufferings of all individual human beings, laden with the sufferings of whole societies.
Help us with the power of the Holy Spirit to conquer all sin: individual sin and the “sin of the world,” sin in all its manifestations.
Let there be revealed, once more, in the history of the world the infinite saving power of the Redemption: the power of merciful Love! May it put a stop to evil! May it transform consciences! May your Immaculate Heart reveal for all the light of Hope!  Amen.  Pope Saint John Paul II

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Gypsies, Tramps and Theives Traveling Show in the Sistine Chapel

How on earth do you schedule something like this and not remember what Christ did with whips when they did it 2000 years ago?

Don't even get me started.

And people are worried about an asteroid hitting the earth?

Friday, October 13, 2017

Pope Francis Claims the Church has been Teaching Error on Death Penalty for 2000 Years

I would think this is the checkmate on convicting him of formal heresy. 

I believe I also read an excerpt from the speech saying the death penalty is 'one of the' teachings in the Catechism that needs to change.

Getting weirder by the minute.

Monday, October 9, 2017

A few more tidbits on the Boston College Coven on Amoris Laetitia

First, take a look at the posture of the woman beside Cupich.   

Her breasts are touching his chest.  I can't think of a way to describe the posture of her legs without sounding vulgar, except to say the familiarity displayed between their body parts is weird and inappropriate.  Anyone know who that chick is?

And...lookie who is at the top of the steps on the right, glowing like a flashlight in the rabbit hole.

Oh Lordie no.

Are you kidding me?

That's a crying shame!

Pope Francis Amoris Laetitia Circus Rolled into Boston College

Fr. Z has a great description:

One thing that emerged is that they are pushing the primacy of “experience”.  This means that if your experience prompts you to do X, well, that must be okay even though the Church teaches that X might even be intrinsically evil.  Your “experience” authorizes you to do X.  Furthermore, the clergy’s role must then be to affirm your choice and accompany you as you pursue it.  I think I got that right.

No doubt this will be a breath of fresh air to murdering cannibals.

This is the logic the Roman lavender mafia also used with pedophile priests. How'd that work out for them?

Be sure not to read the Pope Francis screwball talking points of 'accompaniment' before your morning coffee (Fr. Z's comments in red):

Natalia Imperatori-Lee, a theologian at Manhattan College, said Latino reception of Amoris Laetitia “cannot be understood” outside the historical legacy of the colonial system in the Americas. “

She also said:

Imperatori-Lee said that in Francis’ call for better respect of decisions laypeople make in their lives, Latinos see the pope “pointing to the infantilization of laypeople and families that is so commonly a feature of colonization.” [colonization?]

“The infantilization of the laity has its historical roots in a view of laypeople as objects of clerical control: pay, pray and obey, or as Pius X notes in [the 1906 encyclical] Vehementer Nos, ‘the right of the laity is to allow itself to be led,’ ” she said.

Imperatori-Lee said Francis, however, sees the family as “the protagonist of its own destiny.”
“Couples become the subjects of their history, even as pastors and confessors retain a role of accompaniment and listening,” she said.

I’m pretty sure that this is code for: You don’t have to listen to the Church if you don’t want to.
"The replacement of conscience is an act of domination, again colonization,” she said, paraphrasing Peruvian theologian Gregorio Pérez. [I wonder what theological school he could be aligned with.] “It is an abuse of power. The formation of conscience, on the other hand, is life-giving ministry.” [I’m not quite sure who that Gregorio Pérez is, but I suspect it could be this guy.]
Manuel Pérez Martínez (May 9, 1943 – 1998), also known as "El Cura Pérez" ("Pérez the Priest"), was leader of the Colombian National Liberation Army (ELN) over three decades.
Born on May 9, 1943 in Alfamén, Spain, Pérez was originally a priest, and worked in Spain, France, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. Following his expulsion from the Dominican Republic in 1968 he went to Colombia, and in 1969 joined the ELN. He became that group's leader some time in the 1970s and remained so until his death in 1998 from hepatitis B.
Pérez was considered an extremist; one former guerrilla described him as "rigid and brutal".[1] His leadership is thought to have significantly affected the ELN's ideology (Cuban-style Marxism and liberation theology) and methods (which led to accusations of kidnapping, torture, and execution).

Unbelievable.  This crowd is gaga for murdering dictators who pass out free cheese.

Here is another rocket scientist who threw her two cents in:

Cathleen Kaveny, a theologian and civil lawyer at Boston College, spoke about how the church considers people who have been divorced and remarried without first obtaining annulments.

Kaveny used her dual professional background to examine how the church might turn to U.S. civil law as a resource for a re-evaluation of how it sees remarriage as a continuing kind of adultery.  [US civil law as resource… Does that mean theological locus?  What about laws that permit abortion?  Aren’t there still some sodomy laws on the books?  What about the Ohio law that it is illegal for five women to live in the same house?]

I bet she has a horse in that race. In what world is this woman a 'theologian'?

Mind boggling.

And of course the Holy Father's commissioning of this Roman nitwit gives license for him to fly into Boston College to give the Pope's assent to everything this group of picadors said. He explained that it is now possible to build Sanctifying Grace from living in a perpetual state of mortal sin because Pope Francis has flushed moral theology down the toilet.

"It is no longer possible to judge people on the basis of a norm that stands above all," he concluded.

For the life of me, I cannot imagine being so numbskulled that I could plant my butt in a chair and intellectually consent to this lunatic drivel.

The stupidity surrounding us is painful.

All that needs to be said about any of this can be rationalized from the following quote I found (and stole) from Angelqueen. It was a response to a post on Fr. Martin, but it's applicable to every addiction to vice and sin:

There is no such thing as an LGBTQ theologian, or philosopher. Those enslaved to aberrant passions or other irrational lusts are incompetent to reason to the truth, from the simple fact that they hate truth because it militates against their enslavement, which they don’t actually love, but think they love, simply because they think it is “who they are” (which it isn’t, of course).

And the totally arbitrary, self-referential, often utterly unintelligible ravings of this narcissistic pervert Cheng are an example.

This kind of thing makes one see the wisdom of God in creating a hell.

Thank God the Almighty the bishop of the see was out of town.