Monday, April 20, 2015

NYT Wonders - Will Pope Francis Split the Church?

My emphasis below:

Yet now we have a Pope Francesco in the flesh, and elements of Murphy’s vision have come to pass, or so it seems: the attention-grabbing breaks with papal protocol, the interventions in global politics, the reopening of moral issues that his predecessors had deemed settled, and the blend of public humility and skillful exploitation—including the cashiering of opponents—of the papal office and its powers.

A pope who has earned his popularity by claiming 2000 years of teaching breaking commandments obstructs salvation was wrong, the Church is in error.

The exact details of that agenda can sometimes be difficult to discern. Phrases like master of ambiguity circulate among admirers and critics alike.

All agree that he is a master at taking truth and making it unidentifiable.

Many of Bergoglio’s fellow Jesuits believed they had a postconciliar mandate to make the pursuit of social justice the order’s organizing mission.

Changing the mission of Christs Church from the institution responsible for salvation to a social service agency is certainly an astute observation of the perverted agenda being executed.

Francis may indeed see his papacy as a kind of moderate corrective to the previous two. Rather than conceiving of himself primarily as a custodian of Catholic truth against relativizing trends,

True enough that his pontificate has abandoned custody of the Deposit of Faith and the mission of teaching truth but in my observation, the Holy Father has discredited Christ's Church as the arbiter of Truth - which is actually worse than his own personal circus in St. Peter's Square.

Take careful note of this paragraph:

If people who are living as adulterers can receive Communion, if the Church can recognize their state of life as nonideal but somehow tolerable, then either the Church’s sacramental theology or its definition of sin has been effectively rewritten. And the ramifications of such a change are potentially sweeping. If ongoing adultery is forgivable, then why not other forms of loving, long-standing sexual commitment? Not only same-sex couples but cohabiting straight couples and even polygamous families (a particular concern among African cardinals) could make a plausible case that they deserve the same pastoral exception, rendering the very idea of objective sexual sin anachronistic in one swift march.

Herein lies the beauty and fruit of Pope Francis 'ambiguity'.

We know that he knows the lethal definition he is attempting to impose upon Truth and Christ's Church as the Arbiter of It. We have watched what could only be described as deception - by omission and commission - around the agenda to impose theological and sacramental chaos. All the shady characters he has surrounded himself with haven not helped his image.

The magnitude of the deception rises to the level of sinister. He would have been better off taking ownership of the heresy he seeks to impose.

There is an outdated principle in this article that I suspect will be explosive to all who will have the sad duty to unravel.

But altering a teaching on sex and marriage that the Church has spent centuries insisting it simply cannot alter—a teaching on a question addressed directly (as, say, homosexuality is not) by Jesus himself—is a very different thing. It would suggest to the world, and to many Catholics, that Catholicism was formally capitulating to the sexual revolution. It would grant the Church’s progressives reasonable grounds for demanding room for further experiments. And it would make it impossible for many conservatives, lay and clerical, to avoid some kind of public opposition to the pope.

The media missed the revolution which has already taken place. Everyone can take this to the bank: Catholics absolutely will rise to publicly oppose Pope Francis should he dare to pull the trigger.

They are going to poop their drawers in Rome when it happens.

They built an empire where their corruption was swept under the rug for centuries by Catholic laity and they have no idea that it met its end.

Here is another error:

Such a development probably would not produce an immediate crisis or schism. But it would put the Church on the kind of trajectory that the Anglican Communion and other Protestant denominations have traced on these issues, and would make some eventual division much more likely.

The Catholic Church is tied to the Chair of Peter - not its occupant. Christ's descendants and heirs to his Church have never and will never leave the Chair of Peter in the hands of a man imposing heresy and leading Catholics into temptation and sin.

The opposition will rise against the occupant of the Chair of Peter wherein his administration will run into the plan of the God of Surprises.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

LCWR Nun Joan Chittister Explains a Soul

As if we need a reminder of the willful blindness of Pope Francis to empower dangerous people in his papacy -- here is a video of Joan Chittister explaining a 'soul'.

Have ever heard anything so insane?

That light of consciousness of the beauty of life that is given to you to keep.

The camera zooms in to capture Oprah's reaction. Even she looks skeptical.

We talk of people being soul full or full of soul or having more soul than others - and you know what I'm talking about.

She is full of something all right.

The more light you let in, the more life you will have and your own soul will grow.

Exupery says: To live is to be slowly born.

I don't have the same soul that I had at 6. I have a soul that is thicker, deeper, broader, warmer, brighter..

These women are not capable of teaching Catholicism. They are not Catholic. The truth is not in them.

I was thinking about Cardinal O'Malley statement that Vatican's initiative to correct this coven of pagan and heretical nuns was the disaster.

The souls these lunatic women continue to demoralize and mislead is not the disaster to Cardinal O'Malley.

Joan Chittister and Oprah Winfrey's criticism is the disaster to Cardinal O.

This is the same flaw that empowered pedophiles.

Not to worry folks, the fix is in Vatican City.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Rich Heretics Ask Pope to Remove Archbishop Cordileone for Mandating Teachers Teach Catholic Children Catholic Theology

Cronies of Pelosi and proabort politicians.

Why not?

They have been successfully bribing parish priests and bishops with their money to obstruct teaching for decades.

With a Pope who obstructs, discredits and silences teaching himself, they probably figure they stand a good chance.

Would the Pope be willing to remove an archbishop for implementing the Mandatum and Apostolic Constitution of Ex Corde Ecclesia?

The backlash from the actions he took against Cardinal Burke and the deceptive antics at the Synod, I'd say it makes it harder but I would not say it is out of the question.

In the Church where the Pope's public image is more important than the salvation of our children, they who sling the most mud wins'. It is important to let Pope Francis and his administration know the ramifications of such an act of corruption.

We need to shoot the flare across the Holy Father's bow to say, if he does it, faithful Catholics will write and publish details articulating it is a hostile act of an enemy of our children's salvation and we will pin it on him.

The reality of making enemies out of faithful Catholic parents hasn't really processed in Rome yet. They are starting to get the picture but they are going to test to see if they can recapture the glory days when they had free reign to rape and rob our children without and remain free of public criticism.

A dozen or more incidents will have to take place before it sinks in.

They still fear the uproar the heretical nuns more than they fear the parents of children they license them to destroy. That is a problem we intend to rectify.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

What Elephants?

What butchy nuns?

Not to worry folks, Pope Francis has mandated the nun's work be reviewed by 'competent theologians'.

This would have some credibility if the Holy Father hadn't called the long-standing heretic Cardinal Kasper a 'competent theologian'.

It's all on the up and up. The nuns are not going to say anything ambiguous to mislead or confuse Catholics from here on out.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Joan Chittister has turned a new leaf. lol

Yes, the pope is feeding his children to the serpent, grinning from ear to ear.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lifesite's Blockbuster story on Laurent Stefanini

Just when you think things couldn't possibly get any stranger, our friends from Lifesite is reporting that Laurent Stefani a) never lobbied for gay marriage as previously claimed, b) has never been a cultural activist for the culture of death, c) has never disclosed to anyone that he has same-sex attraction and was never known as a homosexual prior to the story breaking d) is unmarried with no known companion and is in fact known to be a practicing Catholic e) may not be gay.

Very strange.

If this story ran in the National Catholic Register, I wouldn't believe it - but Lifesite has never been known to cover up internal corruption.

If true that he has not scandalized or led other Catholics into temptation and sin, one wonders why the Holy See has rejected the nomination.

After all, the Roman Curia isn't exactly known for stacking the decks with heterosexuals, especially in this administration.

Further, neither France nor Stefanini has defended himself against the allegations. I would think if a case could be made that no evidence of lobbying or heresy could be made against Stefanini, we'd be reading about it from the Stefanini bunker.

What do you make of it?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Marco Rubio - Nice guy, but a little too slick.

The campaign let loose a trial balloon saying Marco was a practicing Catholic who craved the Eucharist.

But he attends protestant services.

Give us a break.

If you know what the Eucharist is, you don't go to a protestant service. When a Catholic 'craves' the Eucharist, they go to Mass daily or several times a week. You can't get enough and consequently would never drive by the Catholic Church and pull your fanny into the protestant church parking lot.

Pope Francis: If you don't desire anarchy and weakness in structures, you're mentally imbalanced

All the people who know the human personality - may they be psychologists, spiritual fathers, spiritual mothers - tell us that young people who unconsciously feel they have something unbalanced or some problem of mental imbalance or deviation unconsciously seek strong structures that protect them, to protect themselves.

Because there's nothing like weakness, disorganization and dysfunction to demonstrate one's mental stability - that's what I always say.

I'm guessing this is something someone said that sounded good after a few bottles of Frascati?

More than by fear of going astray, my hope is that we will be moved by the fear of remaining shut up within structures which give us a false sense of security, within rules which make us harsh judges, within habits which make us feel safe, while at our door people are starving and Jesus does not tire of saying to us: "Give them something to eat."

Like retired and sick priests whose pensions have disappeared?

Monday, April 13, 2015

Cardinal Müller:No Mercy Without Truth

Tit for tat baby, tit for tat.

"The Holy Year is to serve the people to remember that mercy can not be without the truth," said Cardinal Gerhard Müller, Prefect of the Congregation.

Cardinal Müller didn't name names, but went on to say some people around this place are tempted to separate one from the other.

The love of God is closely bound up with the truth. The same applies to the so-called broken families, those who are in an irregular situation. They need the attention of the Church, not in new pastoral ways, but by the truth.

Yes, with fifty years of non-existent catechesis and the secular world demoralizing the people we love, what the family needs is a pope who will teach the truth and mercy of absolution, the firm purpose of amendment and Sanctifying Grace.

In view of the Synod of Bishops in October, the German cardinal added that this also applies to the family. "We must accept all, especially sinners, because we are all sinners, but according to the instructions of God and not by human considerations. Because sometimes people see things a little differently as God sees them."

Doesn't get any better than that!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bishop Richard Lennon Mans Up

I'm really pumped about this development.   

Bishop Lennon has taken the ax to the poisonous tree.

“Actions and speech that are contrary to Catholic teaching shall be grounds for disciplinary action up to and including termination,” the contract language states, according to

Cleveland Bishop Richard Lennon told faculty at the schools in a letter the effectiveness of a Catholic school does not depend only on the quality of religious curriculum, rather, a Catholic school succeeds in its mission only if every aspect of the of the school is inspired and guided by the Gospel.

“The Church has long recognized the uniquely important and true ministry of teachers and administrators in fulfilling this mission,” he said.

“Furthermore, the example set by teachers and administrators through their actions and their lives is considered by the Church to be even more important than what they say.”

In addition to participation in or public support for abortion, transgender issues, and homosexual “marriage,” the contract also specifies that euthanasia, surrogate parenthood, direct sterilization, sexual relations outside of marriage, and cohabiting outside of wedlock are prohibited.

Membership in anti-Catholic organizations is also forbidden, as is indecent or lewd behavior, such as illicit drug use or pornography consumption. The contract requires faculty to refrain from using electronics and social media to transmit lewd or indecent messages, and also from behavior or attitudes which could tempt others to commit acts considered by the Church to be evil or immoral.

Isn't that beautiful?

Holy See gives French the silent treatment on gay nomination

There is a Santa Claus.

Openly gay diplomat who supported gay marriage said to be "practicing Catholic"&nbsp

Catholics take great exception to the definition that one can work to mislead many souls into the loss of their salvation - and be a 'practicing Catholic'.

A 'practicing Catholic' takes great care not to lead people into temptation and sin.

Sitting in a pew once a week makes you no more of a 'practicing Catholic' than standing in your garage makes you a car.

Here are three signs one is NOT a 'practicing Catholic' - each one of them independently signal you are NOT a 'practicing Catholic':

1. You have stopped the daily practice of keeping your soul in a state of Sanctifying Grace.
2. You have stopped receiving the Sacrament of Penance but you continue to receive the Eucharist.
3. You reject Church teaching and teach others to reject it.

Number 3 is the most offensive 'practice' of Catholicism one could ever perform while claiming to be doing it in the service of Christ's Church.

The problem with this nomination is, here we have a man claiming to be a 'practicing Catholic', who has been working lure homosexuals into living in a constant state of mortal sin.

That's the practice of the devil.

With some noble exceptions, this is what gay priests have been doing inside of the Church and in the culture for decades.

When Pope Francis was asked for his input on the situation, he chose to pooh-pooh the documentation of whistleblowers with the asinine assertion that so long as a priest or bishop in his see is pursuing God when he lives with his lover or destroys the moral compasses of generations of children or is leading thousands to their spiritual deaths, who is he to render a judgment?

That stupid statement is a dog constantly chasing him and biting him on the butt.  He is blind to its meaning.

Articles covering the French fracus repeatedly point out that Pope Francis has portrayed himself as a cleverhole who is going to dismantle and neutralize Church teaching. An old man fighting for the time to unravel 2000 years of saints who hated gays and women.

This is an interesting development that bears watching. Judgments need to be made about our attractions to use sex outside of God's rules for the use of this incredible gift.

When a man shows up at a seminary seeking ordination, judgments need to be made about the prospective harm of putting a fat lady in the candy store. The vocation of priesthood requires healthy practices in the relationships around them that keeps intimacy directed to Christ but still satisfies the need for human friendship, support. Judgments also need to be made about whether a homosexual man seeking ordination thinks with the Church on moral theology and has a solid grip on celibacy.

When a bishop or pope receives a letter about a priest living with his lover for decades and/or teaching others it's ok to live with theirs, judgments need to be made.

Whether they think they are 'pursuing Christ' or carrying out this service in Christ's Holy Name, is actually, immaterial.

The muslims have been slaughtering Christians for thousands of years, believing their atrocities are acts of service on behalf of God.

Being a Pope is a job that has the responsibility of conveying right and wrong judgments.

I'd like to say this papacy has been a bust in that department but the situation is worse than a bust. He's gone out of his way to ridicule and undermine the practice of keeping one's soul in a state of Grace through the Sacraments.

They've tried everything in their bag of tricks including using Catholic media to claim pointing out the heresy in the theology the Pope asked his see to embrace was naughty, telling us to STFU and threatening to sue us. Entire Conferences of Bishops have issued the warning that they will do their job as ordained men and reject and resist a papal mandate to hoodwink Catholics with Kasper's heresy.

Yet, the stalling indicates the lavender mafia either does not have full control or they are reluctant to blow the roof off of the house.

I do believe the Pope when he says they (he, Kasper, Marx and friends) expect resistance and intend to carry out the agenda in spite of it.

I continue to hold the opinion that the resistance they've met has them backtracking and that it is very important to demonstrate that the age of laity who lets them rape and rob our children without castrating their power is over. They had a good run but it is over now.