Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pope Francis curses sinners

I kinda wasn't too surprised to hear the pope say he prays that people fall to temptation.

It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out the kind of Catholics he curses.

You know the irony of his ruthless perversion of prayer and role of a Pope?

Catholics who want their religion taught to them are the very Catholics who humbly acknowledge their temptation and sin.  That is why we constantly beg for pastoral perspectives on ways to recognize the devil long before he has us duped, ways to circumvent temptation and sin and remain in a state of Sanctifying Grace.

We are, in fact, the very people who are examining our conscience, going to confession to have our sins absolved, filling our soul with the Body and Blood of Christ so we have the strength to not act on our temptations.

When we go to the Pope to ask him to preserve the institution to cure sinners with Sanctifying Grace, he utters a curse that we fall into sin.

This is nothing new. We have been dealing with priests and bishops like him for as long as we can remember.

They stop giving us the tools we need to stay in a state of Grace. Then they say things that make listeners think sins aren't sins anymore. Then when those of us who know they are sins ask for the Church that absolves sins, they get pissy and start insulting us, calling us names.  They publicly tell the congregation that folks like us who don't want to sell our soul for a hug and kiss from them, are antiquated people who don't know what love is.

They send hostility and venom our direction, throw the word "Pharisee" around and misrepresent Christ and the Gospel.

This one curses us.

I wish he would simply have the decency to face the reasons he doesn't want us around.   Our presence and witness reminds people what they are doing - or teaching others to do - is sinful.  What we have to do to ask for the Church that absolves sins and gives out Sanctifying Grace, makes what they teach and do, a lie.   They can't feel good about what they are saying and doing so they concoct a tall story that we are viscous people who deserve their slander, insults and exiles.

The pope has seriously damaged Church teaching.  It has robbed people I love and care about of right judgement they need for their salvation.  It would be sinful to express how I feel about his antics.  But in my worst hour I have never wished he fall into temptation and sin to fix his perversion of humility.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Has anyone read this Jeff Mirus article?

It's the usual and customary "a Pope contradicting Church teaching is nothing to worry about because he isn't going to officially change it" but with a twist--Mirus is trying to tell us the Pope's fuller explanation on how he intends to contradict Church teaching and how he isn't listening and doesn't give a rat's patoot about resistance to the heresy and apostasy, signals the Pope is listening to "conservatives" in the Church.

He's got to be kidding!

Listen, the seat at the bishop's swanky events means nothing when you have to sell your children's salvation to them to earn it.

There is nothing you can accomplish shaking his hand in a receiving line and conversation over a steak at the fru-fru hotel.    Be a man, a husband, a father, a baptized Catholic and speak the truth.  You are much better off staying home with your children and tucking them into bed knowing you wouldn't give a hair on their head for any amount of money you will take, no four hour meal with all the well-heeled, no nod and wink from a bishop or even a Pope.

The things coming out of the Pope's mouth now, it is a no-brainer to figure out the author.  It contradicts Church teaching.

That's how the whole thing is going to work.   He is going to leave Church teaching in place and teach the people how to ignore and contradict it.   Make the people who do ignore and contradict it the people who teach theology.   Those of us who recognize what he is doing are going to find ourselves on the end of his shoe or on his list of people to ridicule and insult.

And what is laughable, truly, he thinks this is something new the spirit has conjured up.

It is impossible to swallow if you are living your life in pursuit of Sanctifying Grace.

Don't try to explain it.  Don't spin it.   Don't spit on Catholics and tell them it's raining.

At this point it's you who will lose your credibility.

Sure, the regurgitation of his plans indicates that he is aware of concerns of Catholics who want their religion taught to the congregation where we all sit. But his explanation of his plans confirms he is going to change the practice of our teaching so that it all becomes meaningless.

He is saying it doesn't matter what the teachings say, we will ignore it and set practices up that contradict it in spite of what Church teaching says.

Does that mean anything to you Jeff?

He has clarified that he doesn't care about resistance to what he and the apostates are doing, he is going to do it anyway, slowly and behind the scenes.

He is proposing that the same people foisting immorality and licentiousness, divorce, contraception and abortion become the face and teachers of theology at your local parish and in your very family.

He is proposing they become godparents. The people rejecting Church teaching are to become the Pope's ambassadors on how to reject and ignore Church teaching inside of your family. This catastrophic curse will be a gift that keeps on giving to your bloodline and mine.

Do you understand how children's minds work? How they will process the counterfeit church being imposed at your parish?

I think you do, which is what makes articles like the ones you are publishing kinda sickening.

It means when your children are at school or in the community - or worse in CCD class - and these same people who reject Church teaching tell your children the new "love" the Pope is offering accepts living your life having sex with anyone and shacking up to form a family, what you teach at home isn't going make sense to them.

Not after what the Pope is trying to sell as love.

Do you get what that means to salvation of the generations to come?

You have to stop dreaming that he intends to lead the faithful to absolution and sanctifying Grace.

You need to believe the words coming out of his mouth and hold onto the reality that what we see is what we got.

All you have to do to recognize the malarkey is substitute pornographers or prostitutes into his suggestions they should be godfathers and god mothers and lectors and other public leadership roles in the teaching and practices of our religion to the uncatechized and children.

Stop the spin and help us stop it before it is too late.

The bishops are cowards and they will go with whatever will bring money into their parishes because that is how they advance they earn their pink and red hats. That is what the system is built upon, in spite of the dog and pony show about the poor, the poor, the poor.

We have to play the cards we are dealt. We can't let them roll it out.

Do you understand the reasons why?

It's catastrophic to salvation.

Stop it brother. Stop the nonsense.

Worthy is the Lamb.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pope Francis Explains Why Bishops Teaching Heresy is Healthy for the Salvation of Children

Just two days after Pope Francis told the Catholic Church's top theologians that they need to listen to the "signs of the times" and consider the needs of ordinary Catholics, an interview published on Sunday by La Nación showed us a few examples of what he meant.

I have read this article explaining the Pope's position and I still can't figure out what he thinks went awry for the 2000 years before him and what 'changes' he wants to implement.

For example, do you remember the German Bishops the Pope hand-selected to more fully explain his theology on helping us all out in the modern culture?

The Pope said they aren't talking about gay marriage - heavens no.

The Germans, who luckily enough for us have been more fully explaining why the Pope thinks their theology are the sexual talking points of his papacy in the modern world, have clarified the movement trying to move the Church out o the dark ages of the antiquity of Its teachings on human sexuality, marriage and the Sacraments is 'mulling over "allowing" Church employees to shack up with same-sex partners'

So don't you go worrying your pretty little heads about a Catholic Pope telling gay Catholic children they can get married. Why that would be preposterous.

So, here's one of the quotes from the Pope from the article linked at the top of this post.

Get your hand positoned to scratch your head.

Are you ready?

He told La Nación that gay marriage was not mentioned, but that the discussion focused on how to help the family of a homosexual child ("we have to find a way to help that father or that mother to stand by their son or daughter").

When same-sex attracted children come to us to tell us they want to act upon same-sex urges and seek our approval, they simply have to finda way to 'help' mothers and fathers "stand by" their children.

Isn't that sweet?

They are getting rid of the burden of parents to stand by God.

Looks like they are shying away from finding ways for priests to give a "pastoral" tactical nod to heterosexual children shacking up.

Do you think they think there is no such thing as attraction to having sex with the opposite sex in the modern world?

It was always taboo to openly talk about who we are attracted to having sex with outside of the Sacrament of Marriage. Should we invent a flag for it and organize a parade?

If we act like we don't feel welcome maybe we can get the Pope to stand by heterosexual promiscuity. Why should we get left out of the modern papal pastoral practice of the obstruction of absolution in the Sacrament of Penance?

Aren't you tired of having to tell God you regret the abuse of His gift of human sexuality?

Wouldn't you prefer having a Pope who will train his see to avoid teaching on sexual morality and put together just the right ambiguous talking points to makes us feel like the Catechism and Sacrament of Penance, absolution and amendening our lives has been the enemy of unity with Christ?

I want to get in on the ground floor of this movement.

Why not get rid of every teaching that informs the intellect to feel remorse for all sins?

Get your hand positioned to scratch your head again - here comes a doozy:

Regarding Catholics who have divorced and remarried, he said, "let us open the doors a bit more. Why can't they be godfathers and godmothers?"

That old antiquated chestnut of godparents who take Church teaching seriously, are faithful witnesses who will impart the treasure of Sacramental Sanctifying Grace if something happens to you?

The man is not a believer in that practice either.

Why not pick people who publicly reject Church teaching? Or better yet, articulte their contempt at family and friend get togethers or in the public square?

I wonder why nobody thought of that for 2000 years?

Strap youself into the Ark kiddies. We are in for a rough ride.

God help the uncatechized.

Folks, we can all relax: The synod was absolutely transparent and there was no dispute

Move along. There is nothing to see here

This ought to help his credibility.

Your pants are on fire, sir.

Who do you suppose helped him with those talking points?

Do you think the Donilons have camped themselves in St Peter's Square?

Bishops surround themselves with yes men who will go along with just about any delusion in their fantasy world.

We all now know that no matter what happened or happens in the future, it doesn't matter. They are behind the scenes publishing and distributing their apostasy and nothing is going to stop them. They don't care about any resistance or fracture because they pretend it doesn't exist.

Carry on gentleman, but you are only fooling yourselves.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Scratch Women Who Never Married off of the Pope's Welcome List

Claiming that a Church that doesn't go outside of herself is a spinster, not a mother.

Here's an accurate definition of the derogatory caricature of "spinster" (from the Urban Dictionary):

An elderly or aging female who due to a combination of major personality flaws, undesirable personal habits, and unattractive physical appearance has never married.

The Pope was trying to make the point that each of us in the Church are on the search and rescue mission - that we don't hole ourselves up inside of the Church, every man/woman for herself.

Ok, but he appears to be suffering from the misconception that women who never married are not active in the mission of the Church.

All the women I know who never married are loving, kind, caring women, very involved in searching for lost sheep, binding their wounds, interceding, serving and loving everyone around them. They are every bit the mother to their family members, friends, neighbors, community than any other mother.

The man has quite a long list of urban legends going on inside his hat rack.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pope Francis Admits His "Unawareness"

Newspapers are splashing headlines about Pope Francis' admission that he is ignorant about what is going on in his Church.  He is reportedly claiming his "unawareness" was "bestowed" upon him by God, and this is where he gets his license to continue on with the destruction of Catechesis in spite of the chaos of The Ferris Bueller's Day Off Papacy.

Willful ignorance may make him feel blissful but it is not a gift of God's.

Another Book Hailing Pope Francis as the Great Radical Who Has Come to Reform 2000 Years of Church Teaching

The meme for the book goes something like this:

The first humble and loving Pope ever elected to the Catholic Church, who is trying his best to debunk the Catechism and welcome adultery, is embattled with conspiracy theories over his election. There is a powerful group of Catholics coming to grips with the two years of a papacy about appointing notorious heretics to lead theology on the family, propaganda coming out of a synod that had been obviously published beforehand in every language known to mankind and passed out to the press before the bishops were allowed to review what the Pope alleged they said, a final document ordered released with heresy that was voted out, with the Pope waving goodbye and blowing kisses at it while implying Jesus isn't afraid to put a mask of virtue on adultery as something new--and they are    ...wondering how Captain Quigg got elected, questioning the validity of his papacy.

They are watching the apostate Marx, a man hand-selected by the Pope to lead theology on the family, state his intention in national newspapers to "allow" Church employees in Germany to shack up with a same-sex lover--and watching the Pope sit in silence to those egregious errors where many will lose their salvation, while he is focusing his energies on insulting, purging and taking actions against those who are saying the apostates are spiritually dangerous persons, and people who are trying to control the chaos of his Ferris Bueller's Day Off Papacy, and saying to themselves, "Whoah baby, there is something more than a couple of loose screws going on here!"

Yes, I think that is an accurate description of the sentiment among Sacramental and Eucharistic people.

I personally accept the validity of his election, though I do subscribe to the theory that corrupt Cardinals probably hijacked the election.  There is just too much pollution flowing over the dam.

But it is indisputable that those us who know the truth when we hear it, and have not heard it yet from this Pope, have branded him.

We are watching the show to see who the players are, and they are being branded--the shepherds and the wolves.  There is a third branding--the village idiots--and the Inn for that group is filled to capacity.

This a blip on the screen and we are ready and waiting in every parish and apostolate with our branding irons.

As we used to say as children after the game of hiding was over, "ollie-ollie-entry" fellas!

Come to mommy!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Pope Francis vs. the Wolves

This story on CNN really captures the fruit of the tree of Pope Francis:

Pope Francis has been trying so hard to a fresh face on adultery and gay marriage but there are people inside of the Church who are against the poor dear.   He faces many hard days ahead fighting Catholics holding into the fairy tale that adultery and gay marriage are sins that obstruct your salvation and require the Sacrament if Confession and firm purpose of amending your life to remove that obstruction.   These Catholics are wolves keeping adulterers away from the Church.   Pope Francis is fighting these wolves.

I use to wonder how the Pope would sleep at night knowing how this ruptures the family.  He's got to know that the children reading conclude their parents trying to uphold Church teaching are the wolverines, according to the messeges given by the Pope.

I don't find myself wondering any more.

The message Church teaching is the wolf is his shtick to make himself popular.

He knows this will destroy relationships in the family, by he is what is important in this scenario..  If they like what he is saying to approve sleeping around, they will love him and the mission of love is accomplished.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph had it all wrong.

You don't run from politicians who slay and murder.

You honor them in ceremonies and the Sacred Liturgy.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Scratch the Krauts off the Pope's welcome list

Pope Francis fired the head of his Swiss Army for being "Teutonic".

Isis is in and the Germans are out.

Killing, schmilling. Let us not quibble about the "peace" of 2000 years of ethnic cleansing of Christians.  But there is only so much stout sourpuss Germans the Pope can stand.

Setting the bigotry aside, I am beside myself that the man the Pope is firing is being slandered in the public square.

Who does that?

Who fires a man and then goes out to the newspapers and issues a character assassination, making it difficult for him to get hired somewhere else?

Even the most cruel task masters have more decency.

All his bellyaching about how much he cares about families who need to put food on the table and this is the way he and his administration treats his own employees.

Machiavelli eat your heart out.

The Pope's  reckless disregard for his own safety probably had something to do with his head of security overcompensating to try to keep him safe?

The Swiss Guard is a branch of the military.     Is he so entrenched in the stink of sissy he is going to foist it upon the army?  

Can you imagine trying to secure a job after the Pope publicly announces your termination and assassinates your character?

Every job interview, recognition will result in: "That's the guy who saintly Pope Francis said was wrapped too tight."

Don't worry sir, when you run out of cash and get evicted, Pope Francis has installed showers so you can wash up.

I guess his head of security must not have been living with his lover, so the Pope felt comfortable making a judgment, engaging in public humiliation and making sure he is not employable?

That is quite a papal undertaking in Advent.  All to demonstrate what a nice guy he is.

"Merry  Christmas you filthy animal.   And a Happy New Year too."

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What is this turd doing on First Things?

Admittedly, I don't get to surf blogosphere as often as I would like, so I could be mistaken-but I have generally found First Things to be reliable and honest.

So this piece of tata very much surprised me:

I don't so much mind the intellectual dishonesty of deluding oneself into believing Pope Francis is another Pope Benedict, I mean, it's irritating and all, but I have really run out of patience for the storyline that we don't have legitimate concerns as irrespective of the theological train wreck, Pope Francis himself is faithful to doctrine.

I pray often for our priests, bishops and Popes and I sincerely hope they make it through the pearly gates, but the idea that he could spend two years misleading souls, obstructing, discrediting and destroying catechesis, but we are supposed to put our fears to rest because he himself is faithfully practicing our religion-- sure is a doozy.

I am going to say this until I am blue in the face:  what people are upset about is the stuff their children, parents, relatives, friends are saying about Church teaching.   That is what us important here.  The man is a pope.  His job is to say things in such a way so the people listening become faithful.  What he is doing is causing the people we care about to reject Church teaching because they think he does.

At this juncture, I couldn't care less about his personal convictions, though I pray for the man.

As our Pope, what he is imparting to listeners is leading the people I love astray.

That is a lucid, rational and valid complaint, which I have the baptismal duty to raise in the public square.

Cardinal Burke's demotion was despicable, but he is a big boy and our fiat is martyrdom.  We say what we say knowing it could lead to a ride on the end of a shoe.   His sacrifice bore tremendous fruit.  Grateful Catholics have every right to let the Pope know we see what he is doing.

Pope Francis crossed the Rubicon with his show at the synod.  To suggest Catholics who have pinned his own rose on his nose are reacting to a demotion or anything other that the people on our own family who are being led into the hands of their demons, is getting old.

If you don't get why the pope is anathema in our own homes, we will be happy to explain it.   I think the time has come to stop writing silly articles