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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Rigidity of Heresy

Some really good op-eds and commentary on the Holy Father's pugnacious indefensible snittery.

From Fr. Porkosky's Rigidity Dog Whistle:

Many seminary authorities – at least in the 1980s – were overly confident in themselves. They used “rigidity” as a code word for “unbending orthodoxy,” a high crime then in the priestly formation business. Many bishops, unfortunately, were out of touch with the modern seminary system, and the ambiguity of the word was exploited by dissident seminary authorities.

It's truly maddening when you think about how spiritually malicious this actually is.

"Rigidity" is used to slander and malign Catholics who resist temptation to break Commandments.

They actually want us to commit mortal sins or encourage others to commit mortal sins.

Because they do.

When we won't follow their example, resisting temptation and mortal sin becomes their enemy. They don't want people around who live the actual fiat of our religion.

For decades insidious men kept sound, faithful Catholic men from the priesthood.

What really gets me is, they actually think their slander and nasty asshattery so they could teach heresy for the last 50 years isn't 'rigid'!

Jeff Mirus echoes some of my thoughts:

Is it a mark of rigidity to accuse others of rigidity?

Now, am I saying that Pope Francis frequently says and does things that suggest the lack of an examined life? In his frequent careless remarks, so dear to those who regard Christ as a stumbling block, he has actually provided abundant evidence of this possibility. No modern pope has more consistently given voice to what our dominant culture wants to hear, right down to his frequent criticism of Catholics courageous enough to live deliberately counter-cultural lives. Moreover, the frequency of such very questionable remarks seems to be steadily increasing.

I admit that such speculation is dangerous, for none of us is close enough to the Holy Father to form this kind of judgment. But I am convinced that the following statement is absolutely fair and just: We have more evidence on which to question either the spiritual or psychological health of Pope Francis than he does to question the spiritual or psychological health of the entire class of young people who treasure the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite. Longtime readers know, by the way, that I have no personal attachment to the Extraordinary Form, so this is not special pleading. It is simply the sad reality of our current situation in the Church.


His own people in Argentina are eating cats and pigeons to keep from starvation and yet to this very hour, the Holy Father promotes murdering communist dictators who promise free cheese.

Seems pretty 'rigid' to me.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The chicken comes home to roost at USCCB meeting.

Didn't anyone get the video before the bishops removed it?

Pope Snubs Victims of His Catechetical Buffoonery

While we were all celebrating beating Beelzebub in the USA back to hell where he belongs, something very significant happened in the Catholic Church over the last few days.

Steve Skojec writes about the developments here.

I submit to you that these statements are indicative of something momentous. This could well be the prelude to something unprecedented: the challenging of a sitting pope for the crime of manifest, obdurate heresy. Remember that the “manifest and obdurate” parts are necessary to establish. As Michael Davies wrote in his essay, A Heretical Pope?

I wouldn't say I'm in complete agreement with the tenor of Steve's assessment that the release of the dubia, along with the news that the Pope has snubbed it, is the beginning of 'resistance' of a heretical pope -- but it certainly is not business as usual!

The development is extraordinary and is certainly catastrophic to trust and credibility of the Holy Father for faithfully-practicing Catholics.

As if we needed any more reliable evidence the Holy Father simply doesn't give a rats ass he is leading our family members and loved ones into temptation and sin, his malignant belligerence in response to the pleas of victims is once again before us. Isn't the first time and it won't be the last.

Maybe the Holy Father believes himself to be in some kind of a power struggle with a handful of Cardinals. Perhaps in his own blindness, he hasn't the faintest idea that he's waging war against tens of thousands of us devoting our life to trying to imitate the holy family.

It would be stunning stupidity for him to think he's snubbed four men but my gut instincts tell me, this is exactly his assessment of the situation.

And there's nothing like a bishop's conference to demonstrate there's an abundant supply of stupidity in the episcopal see.

Part of the problem is, the see is swimming with jackholes who can't see beyond the end of their nose:

Surely, there are some who are struggling with the vision offered by the pope, and, yes, sadly, there are some who are opposed to him and do not like him, as Cardinal Wuerl said. I use the word sadly, not in terms of it being sad for the pope, but for those who oppose him or working against him because in reality they lack an understanding of what it means to be a bishop in the Catholic Church.

No dude. No. It is YOU and the Pope and his episcopal wizards who lack understanding of what it means to be a mother and a father in the Catholic Church trying to bring up children surrounded by heretics spoon feeding them the spiritual poison you consume yourselves.

Is it reality you're looking for?

Here's a good dose of it:

The pope has made an enemy of faithful Catholics. We are not on the team and we never will be on the team. Too much gaga for heresy. Too many heretics. Too much contempt for people who reject heresy.

My prayer is that he does not underestimate us.

Because the reality is, we just fought for the soul of our country. Fighting for the soul of our Church will make our defeat of Hillary look like happy hour at Ai Tre Scalini.


Interview with Pentin at the Register.

Looks like Steve was on the money:

What happens if the Holy Father does not respond to your act of justice and charity and fails to give the clarification of the Church’s teaching that you hope to achieve?

Then we would have to address that situation. There is, in the Tradition of the Church, the practice of correction of the Roman Pontiff. It is something that is clearly quite rare. But if there is no response to these questions, then I would say that it would be a question of taking a formal act of correction of a serious error.

If the Pope were to teach grave error or heresy, which lawful authority can declare this and what would be the consequences?

It is the duty in such cases, and historically it has happened, of cardinals and bishops to make clear that the Pope is teaching error and to ask him to correct it.

It's time for the Holy Father to sit down and answer the questions - put the answers and clarity under the noses of our children and straighten his crooked lines.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Pope Francis Accuses Catholics Who Attend Latin Rite of "Rigidity" and "Insecurity"

Cuz nothing screams "insecurity" like fleeing from effeminate priests giving lame or heretical homilies, right?

Couldn't just be that the beauty and depth of the prayers in the Latin Rite draws us closer to Christ and sanctification, right?

We can pray better. It's an effortless and natural passage into the mystical world.

Couldn't just be that Latin Rite priests actually teach our religion, right?

What soul on the pursuit of sanctification wants to listen to this kind of dangerous drivel?

This pope believes if you don't break commandments you are the 'sick' one in need of 'the Lord's help':

Pope Francis again returned to the theme of rigidity today, saying those who unbendingly follow the law of God are "sick" and in need of the Lord’s help.

Here's a news flash for the Pope:

Catholics who resist temptation to break commandments are drawing that strength from the Eucharist. The Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ. That is what you are calling 'sick'.

And while we use the Sacraments and prayer to struggle with our temptations and desires of the flesh - you disgustingly said you'd like to trip us up:

He once called those who try to unbendingly follow the Law of God people as having “weak hearts” whom he confessed he would like to trip up with banana skins so they would know they are sinners. In June, he said “rigid” people in the Church who tell us “it’s this or nothing” are heretics and not Catholics. He has also warned about seminary formation being too rigid to allow for the development of priests.

I think many of us will respectfully agree to disagree about who the "sick" person "in need of help" is in this crucible.

Our next project: Drain the Swamp in Rome.

If you like your schedenfreude...

You can keep your schadenfreude.


The Lord Comes to Rule the Earth with Justice.

Apologies for the little blogovacation! I had a hip replacement done a few weeks back and it has taken a few weeks to get back on my game. Having another in a few weeks and would appreciate prayers!

So glad to be feeling better and back to blogging. Missed you all and hope you are enjoying the magnificent outcome of our election. YUGE changes ahead! Like religious freedom and liberty from the savages now in political power.

Were the readings today spectacular or what?!!

A word to the wise to the corrupt Romans.

We've got you on our radar and the Lepanto that happened to Hillary is writing on the wall.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fr. Murray's Take on Papal Deceiving

Another essay from a faithful priest on the Holy Father's spiritual malfeasance and nonfeasance.

I suspect that these two women left their meeting (“They were pleased”) with the impression that Pope Francis thinks it is okay for them to pretend that one is a man, and that that they are in some way married.

I am certain that Pope Francis does not really believe that. It’s regrettable that his poor choice of words left that impression.

Good for Fr. Murray for speaking the truth.

That deceptive act affected much more than the two women. It affected thousands of spiritually-disturbed individuals and their families.

I keep trying to put what's happening to us into scriptural perspective and the most accurate seems to be Chapter 12 in the Book of Revelation.

A dragon standing before the woman with a tail that keeps grabbing and sweeping souls away from salvation.

That is what is happening to our families.

At the end of the day, nobody really cares whether the dragon meant to do it.

All that matters is, it did and it does.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The man who mistook his wife for a hat.

Great article while watching the pope who mistook a woman for a man or a path to Gehanna as a path for salvation.

I don't want to cite any part of the article because every paragraph is such an amazing jewel.