Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Two fabulous shake-downs of Amoris Laetitia

Official response of Bishop Athanasius Schneider to Amoris Laetitia

Unfortunately, AL contains no verbal quotes of the principles underlying the moral teaching of the Church

And that pretty much summarizes the papacy.

Here is another written by canon lawyer Fr. Gerald Murray.


Thus ending any speculation that this document is faithful to the teachings of Christ Church.

Restoring a Sense of the Sacred

I am loving this blog!

“Strike the shepherd and the sheep scatter” (Zec 13:7). There’s no doubt that the devil has focused his assault on the religious leaders of our day. While these leaders may have had noble intentions of charity and pastoral sensitivity, the results have been devastating. Decades of lenient, non-confrontational leadership have left the faithful feeble and prone to be “conformed to the pattern of this world” (Rom 12:2). St. Augustine once said, “Charity is no substitute for justice withheld.”

The unfortunate laxity of discipline has permitted confusion and strife where there should be clarity and harmony, an authentic unity based on the truth. As a result, the modern trend among those who believe and teach falsehoods that directly contradict the Church’s teaching is to consider these pockets of dissent as merely “differing tribes” within the Catholic Church. In this deceptive tribal system, those who believe in and teach all that the Church teaches are then considered extreme among these tribes.

Right or wrong, religious leadership seemed to calculate that it is better to refrain from “charged issues” for fear of offending some or even losing members. However, St. Peter Canisius cautioned: “Better that only a few Catholics should be left, staunch and sincere in their religion, than that they should, remaining many, desire as it were to be in collusion with the Church’s enemies and in conformity with the open foes of our faith.”

It is time to “rally the troops” … to get on the same page. It’s time to assemble a coalition of leading experts in our time to formulate “the plan” to “Restore a Sense of the Sacred.” There are obvious names that come to mind: Cardinal Burke, Bishop Schneider, Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, and a score of Cardinals, Bishops, priests and laity who understand this critical need in our time; a time that is witnessing a mass exodus from the pews, and is allowing a multitude of souls to be in peril of eternal damnation.

Another fabulous post HERE.

Love, Love, Love the St. Benedict Medal

As the medal is a prayer of exorcism against Satan, it is used to call down God’s blessing and protection upon us, through the intercession of the great saint. It is also a reminder of our baptismal rejection of all that is evil.

Don't be without this powerful sacramental.

May the 4th be with you!

Fr. Heilman is organizing a cyber consecration commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Our Lady's visits to Fatima:

May 13th of this year marks one year until the 100th anniversary of the apparition of Our Lady to three shepherd children in the small village of Fatima in Portugal in 1917. She appeared six times to Lucia, 9, and her cousins Francisco, 8, and his sister Jacinta, 6, between May 13, 1917 and October 13, 1917. But, in the Spring of the year prior to Our Lady’s appearance, an angel appeared to the children to prepare them. That would make this, right now, the 100th anniversary of that angelic visit.

For those who are tuned into dates such as these, and tuned into the tumultuous times in which we live, there is a sense that “something is coming.” For more and more people, there seems to be an urgency to “prepare.” I wrote about this HERE.

In order to prepare for the “something coming” St. Maximilian Kolbe sensed, he modified the St. Louis de Montfort 33-day preparation for consecration to just 9 days, to make it more accessible. He simply had to get as many as possible consecrated in the shortest period of time. Hundreds of thousands of people were consecrated to Jesus through Mary, seemingly overnight.

I've done the 33 day consecration numerous times - it's intense. Intense in prayer, intense in spiritual attacks and intense in the gifts it brings to the Consecrated.

When things were really bad in the local Church and I turned to the internet for spiritual nourishment, I remember hooking up for various spiritual events in Boston and almost EVERYONE I met had done the Consecration to Christ through Mary.

At one prayer event, someone spontaneously suggested we do a mystery of the rosary for an intention. There were a few dozen of us and every single person reached into their pocket or purse and pulled out Rosary beads. I was not unfamiliar with the presence of the Blessed Mother but I was really blown away with the observance of the prayerful army she was gathering.

I encourage each of you join this consecration/renewal. Let's do it!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

God makes all things new again.

I read a few things in Christendom about the Voris story (including a comment that I did not publish) I thought worthy of mention. Namely, that the retaliatory act of the Archdiocese of scrounging up people whistlblower's slept with is justified, because after all, if you report corruption, spiritual abuse or rape, you deserve it.

In a perverted display of 'mercy', one individual went so far as to smear whistleblowers by claiming the reporting of abuse is a smear worthy of comeuppance. I bet that BroomHilda chants the Divine Mercy Chaplet every day while riding the stick up her butt. A regular St. Faustina, that one. Very inspiring.

A formally-affiliated priest is now calling a cease and desist on whistleblowing holy corruption. More astounding, he has alleged Sanctifying Grace is insufficient healing for homosexual sex.

In his disclosure, Michael himself implied that evangelists and whistleblowers should stand in the public square and announce details of our sins before teaching Catholicism or reporting abuse.

Folks, I think we are getting a little daft here.

Look, is there conduct that would make a post-conversion career in evangelism and whistleblowing ill-advised?

Of course.

But do you remember when Christ chose sinless people to 'smear' Herod and Herodias?


I don't either. The Bible I have has Christ calling John the Baptist the greatest man who will ever live.

Spiritual abuse of children is much worse than raping them. So said Christ.

We have spent 60 years trying to get the corruption, spiritual and physical abuse stopped through the ranks of the hierarchy. It was a bust. We were threatened and bullied. The only thing that works is public disclosure and lawsuits. Egg on the face and emptying wallets are the only proven methods of stopping the abuse and corruption.

Exhausting internal methods and after failing to remedy abuse, publicly warning the people, these are the instructions given to us in Scripture. This is not the same thing as having perps hunt down the sexual lovers of a whistleblower to shut them up.

During my days of defying the Church on contraception, I led people astray. I am trying to make up for it and prevent other women from being misled by wayward priests and bishops. The zeal and fire is probably overdone but I offer it as reparation. The same motive holds true for nearly every evangelist. God makes all things new again. Completely.

Keep your powder dry and your intellect clear with Sanctifying Grace.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Priest doing that stupid thing where he walks up and down aisle during a homily.

A fun post for a Saturday morn.

According to reports, he’s doing that Protestant thing where he walks up and down the aisle, trying to get people excited and more engaged in the Mass.

Johnnie Carson used to do this, remember?

He'd go up and down the aisles with a microphone and play games with the audience. He was a great entertainer. Funny, funny man.

Every time I see a priest doing it, I think of Johnnie. I also think 'this is what this poor addlepate is doing instead of teaching people what's happening in the Sanctuary'.

At press time, Bunnell is squeezing through a tight pew to give a high five to a boy that said that Jesus meant that we should be nice to mean people and to love Jesus like the disciples did “in the times of Jesus.”

I'm so allergic to asshattery!

We don't come to be entertained.

Just take me to Gogoltha and dissolve into Christ. Let me keep the company of Christ, Mary and the Apostles, the angels and saints. Let me stand in front of the tomb as Christ emerges to be illuminated by the blinding Light of Divinity. Let me touch His Cloak and draw Sanctifying Grace. Let me intercede in prayer for my family, friends, the Church, the sick, the poor, uncatechized and persecuted Christians. Let me just huggle with Christ for 45 minutes.

That's how you get people 'more excited and engaged in *the Mass*".

Big weekend in my family, my grandaughter's original sin is being washed by the Blood of Christ in His Sacrament of Baptism. WooHoo! I will remember all your intentions in prayer.

(Always remember to bring an empty holy water bottle and fill it with the holy water of baptism. Powerful stuff!)

Friday, April 22, 2016

Looks like Cardinal Dolan and the Archdiocese of New York Recruited Voris' Past Sexual Partners to Go Public

If you haven't already watched, do take the time now to read the transcript or view the video.

Truly, this is a non-story. Nobody gives a rat's patoot.

Say what you will about diddling and heretical priests, they know exactly how to scorch the earth around whistleblowers to keep their debauchery going like the energizer bunny. They are experts at it. Slander and calumny are always their first line of defense. When that doesn't work they turn to bullying and threats. The best thing to do is keep your hand to the plow. Expose everything they say and do -- and it all backfires on them. They eventually give the gig up and realize that when corruption is exposed, the appropriate response is to take care of it so people will stop being harmed by it.

Cardinal Dolan has never had a real warrior in his diocese. He is used to Bill Donohue who has been coddling the corruption for decades. Mikey's got to put both of his hands back on the plow and forge ahead.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

John Allen Ponders: Is Franno making it harder for heretics to stay on the payroll?

I always find it interesting when enemies of the Church call the Holy Father "Francis", as if the moral bankruptcy they see happening in Rome unites them in a familial brotherhood. It's noteworthy that they never take that liberty from respecting the office with Barack.

Here is a fun story: Is Francis making it harder for liberals to stay on the payroll?

Some Catholics cheered last week, while others were either depressed or outraged, when news broke that Tony Spence, editor of the Catholic News Service (CNS) since 2004, had resigned unexpectedly. The move followed a controversy over three Tweets he posted about religious freedom bills, which critics saw as promoting a pro-LGBT agenda.

Kudos to Michael Hichborn, Voris and John Henry Weston for exposing this wolf among sheep.

To begin, an observation: Despite impressions that the laid-back ethos of the Pope Francis era means anything now goes – or, perhaps, precisely because of those impressions – there’s a strong element in the Church determined not to let that happen.

That would be us!

In a similar vein, the diagnosis of some Catholic leaders today may be that Francis does not want to upend Church teaching or tradition, since he’s said so repeatedly, but that some of his words and deeds may inadvertently seed confusion. They may feel an extra responsibility to make sure the Church doesn’t toss the doctrinal baby out with the pastoral bathwater.

What this thought suggests is a potentially grand irony: At least in some circumstances, it may actually become harder for liberals – even of the moderate, color-within-the-lines variety – to survive on the Church’s payroll in the Pope Francis era.

Under Pope Benedict XVI, there was relatively little burning concern within officialdom about “reform” getting out of control. Today those fears may seem more real, potentially inducing greater vigilance.

That spirit of “vigilance,” by the way, is less pronounced among the bishops themselves than in the broader Catholic universe.

Among some of the blogs and media platforms that went after Spence, there’s a heightened “hermeneutic of suspicion” today for anything that might smack of dissent. It seems unlikely they’ll desist patrolling for heterodoxy out of a sense that they can rely on this pope to do the job for them.

And that's the way it is.

Perverts at Fourth Circuit Court Ban Separate Rest Rooms and Locker Rooms on Basis of "Biological Sex"

The case involves a biological girl who identifies as a boy. The court’s majority explains it this way: “G.G.’s birth-assigned sex, or so-called ‘biological sex,’ is female, but G.G.’s gender identity is male.”...“the majority’s opinion, for the first time ever, holds that a public high school may not provide separate restrooms and locker rooms on the basis of biological sex.”

What damage the perverts are inflicting upon young children by forcing them to expose themselves.

I thought somebody on facebook was hysterical when they predicted some moonbat judge would eventually ban any declaration of gender at birth, but it appears they might try it.

Did you see Kurt Shilling was fired for posting something on Facebook in opposition of the potty madness?

ESPN said they are an 'inclusive' employer and proceeds, in the same sentence, to say they will fire anyone who holds opinions different than theirs.

Did you see this from the UK?

Parents of preschoolers received a letter from preschool telling them to initiate conversations with four-year-olds about rejecting their genitalia and gender swap.

The sh*tshow of the morally bankrupt is really something to watch.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Pope Francis Doesn't Remember Footnote 351!

In his return-flight press conference this past week from the island of Lesbos, Pope Francis told a reporter who asked him about the footnote that he doesn’t even remember it, and lamented that so much attention has been paid in the media to that footnote - and, indeed, the entire issue of Communion for the divorced and remarried. Instead, he said, the media should focus on the current “crisis” in the family.

You wanna know what the current crisis in the family is?

With all due respect and charity, it is every time Pope Francis opens his piehole or writes something down without accepting the advice of the people who have the gifts to anticipate how content and syntax will be received as contradictions to Church teaching.

I find it impossible to believe that advice is not being given to the Holy Father, which leads me to the conclusion he is poo-pooing it.

“Don’t we realize that the falling birth rate in Europe is enough to make one cry?” he said, as translated by the Catholic News Agency. “And the family is the basis of society. Do you not realize that the youth don’t want to marry? ... Don’t you realize that the lack of work or the little work (available) means that a mother has to get two jobs and the children grow up alone?"

“These are the big problems,” he concluded. "I don’t remember the footnote..."

That would be because families have suffered 50 years of undisciplined heretical priests, nuns and lay teachers leading them from the Sanctifying Grace necessary for right judgment. And he thinks he's helping us out to summon the circus of clowns to help develop an illicit and meaningless document that expounds upon 50 years of spiritually lethal ideas?

Why do we consistently hear the message those who articulate damage done to their families means nothing to him?

The problem with the document is not just the footnote. But I'm a bit stunned that dust up in Christendom over the footnote is so insignificant to him, he has not bothered to put on the stink of his sheep?

How a pope, a priest, a parent or in fact any of us, articulates Church teaching is the most critical responsibility for teaching, sanctifying and governing.

If after you get done talking, millions of people think you are telling them it is ok to live in a perpetual state of mortal sin, receive communion sacrilegiously, lure your civil wife into committing sin because if you don't you will go out and lure another woman into mortal sin, use the Sacrament of Confession without the commitment to refrain from committing the sin when you get home, use contraception if there is a chance of having an imperfect child, dismiss the fiat of the magnificat because having children like gerbils is sucking too much oxygen from the planet, don't worry about going to Church on Sunday, your children should pick any religion they want - - etc, etc, -- it's time to look in the mirror.

The problem is not the people receiving the message.

Neither is problem those raising concerns are in love with the law. What we are madly love with our relatives and friends being lured to the base of Mt. Sinai by Pope Aaron into the friends with benefits tango. He who has cometh to release them from the 4000 year covenant of keeping the Commandments.

What is so hard about admitting this would be upsetting?

Our friends from LifeSite make some astute observations:

Indeed, to those involved in or following the debate, the fact that Pope Francis himself was apparently unaware of the controversial footnote, let alone the flap that it was almost certain to cause in the media, is bewildering, and provokes any number of uncomfortable questions.

For starters: If not the pope, who, then, was responsible for drafting and inserting that footnote? Were they not aware of its implications? How did the many advisors who undoubtedly read the final draft of the exhortation fail to understand the furor the footnote would undoubtedly provoke? And, finally, why didn’t they warn the pope that the errant footnote would almost certainly take center stage in the media, and distract from what he intended to be his central message?

Somebody read it and told him. He's responded to it with the same tin ear and razor tongue we've experienced for three years.