Monday, March 30, 2015

Larceny of Priest Pension Fund

The Archdiocese has finally admitted what most of us have known for a long time, they are 'underfunding' the employee pension fund.

This is kind of spooky:

“The numbers jump out at you in Boston because they’re so large, but most dioceses are struggling with this,” Zech said. “Priests are living longer than anticipated,

Are you kidding me?

There have anticipations on when priests will croak. I wonder if they have a spreadsheet

Given this revelation and the Vatican now supporting euthanasia, I wouldn't go to a meeting at the Chancery without a can of mace.

Vatican Newspaper Shills for French Bill Legalizing Killing Sick and Unwanted Relatives

With the passage of a bill by the French National Assembly that establishes a “right” to “continuous deep sedation until death,” while defining nutrition and hydration as "treatment" that can be withdrawn, the reaction of the official Catholic news organs are showing a deep rift in the Church over euthanasia.

While activists in France and abroad have condemned the law as euthanasia in everything but name, L’Osservatore Romano, the quasi official newspaper of the Vatican, has given the bill a stamp of approval.

What comes after the pastoral mercy of murder of souls by strangulation?

The pastoral mercy of killing the body, of course.

I hope there's time to get it on the agenda of the synod on the family so we can try to get the victims of corruption the sacred Sacrament of Viaticum before they're murdered.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Fr. Nicholson on the real Pope Francis effect

I'm working on a few home projects and finally sat down to relax around 9pm last night. I didn't know whether to do a cartwheel or cry when I watched Fr. Nicholson's latest message to Catholic crackerjacks.

Kindly note that he refers to Pope Francis as our beloved Holy Father - not "Bergolio".

Fr. Nicholson does a beautiful job explaining how St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict gradually cleaned up the chaos of ordaining pedophiles, sexually active priests and heretics and the challenges we face with Pope Francis. He explains how the pontificate grants new licenses to abusers who smell his lack of authority to sanctify and govern, and how they are taking advantage of the chaos to lead Christ's people to sprees of promiscuity and vice.

It's a revival of the complex confusion and rampant heresy of our priests, nuns, teachers that took place in the 60s.

From the perspective of a mother who catechized her children, led them away from bad priests, took pains to clarify and lead them to priests who would substantiate Church teaching, I believe the toll of consequences has already taken place. In the context of living in community, many uncatechized souls struggling with the substance of evangelization have fallen into error. I see many Catholic apostolates being overrun, toppled and destroyed.

The Holy Father has made upholding teaching the distinction between right and wrong, good and evil, sin and virtue and the tools of fiat to live in the daily pursuit of Sanctifying Grace, nearly impossible. We march on but we have been robbed of our effectiveness.

At this point, nobody cares about the drivel of taking refuge in Pope Francis own personal beliefs. That journey is about his own day of Judgment. His role, which I have yet to see him assume, is to teach, substantiate, empower and preserve the 2000 years of tools for salvation that are in his possession.

It is interesting that Fr. Nicholson speaks about this sad development in the context of Holy Week, the events that follow his adoration on Palm Sunday.

Observing the damage and speaking to other Catholics, my own feelings about the bleep show, my gut instincts are his pontificate will not recover the respect and trust of practicing Catholics. Too many things and people have been sifted like wheat. He crossed the Rubicon.

But with God, all things are possible. We are all praying and we are dealing with a God of surprises. LOL.

I duly note Fr. Nicholson takes the position that Pope Francis' words are poorly translated and spun, I suspect in charity.

Pope Francis message is sometimes poorly translated and spun.

Most of us have lived through the pontificates of two or three popes.

Perhaps once or twice in the pontificates of Saint John Paul II and Pope Benedict. I don't ever remember it happening in the pontificate of St. John Paul II, but I do recall it happening once or twice during the reign of Pope Bendict XVI.

With Pope Francis, the phenomenon happens every time he opens his mouth.

Even setting aside Pope Francis appointment of Cardinal Kasper and his request his see adopt his theology, setting aside the deception around the synod, his order to insert heresy into the Relatio after it had been voted out, the vote on doctrine passed around the world, the appointments of heretics to his curia, the perverted sexualization of women coming out of the Pontifical Council of Culture, his work empowering communists in America, the complete absence of moral theology, the two years of statements slandering the actions of Catholic families teaching the daily pursuit of Sanctifying Grace --I could go on and on but I think you get the picture -- even setting all these things aside, the idea that something suddenly snapped in the ability to comprehend the Holy Father's spoken words just doesn't gel.

At the end of his video, Fr. Nicholson gives calm, rational and sound advice on what to do. Pay close attention to his advice on discovering an abuser, which he defines as an ecclesiastical bully or a sexual pervert. We have to pull together, raise our voices, pool our resources and foist a petard.

You want to run an apostolate, a parish, a see and teach heresy?

You're going to find your initiative exposed on the internet.

You want to bully and threaten us for exposing it?

You're going to find those dirty deeds exposed on the internet.

The chit you call in to have us slandered at the National Catholic Register isn't going to help you anymore.

If we hear from your lawyers, it's going on the internet and your lawyers will meet our lawyers.

You had a good run. We let it get all the way up to the Chair of Peter. But it's over now.

We've had a lot of momentum over the past few months. The last few weeks have been very encouraging. But when I heard the final moments of Fr. Nicholson's video, I was overwhelmed with relief. We did it. We pulled it together.

Deo Gratis.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mike Pence Signs Religious Conscience Protections into Indiana Law.

In your kindness, please pray prayers of protection for Mike Pence and lift him up in prayer at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass during our holy week.

The demons are thrashing about.

When my family immigrated from Ireland, they settled into Roxbury which at that time had a large Jewish population. We lived in a three-decker on the top floor. The family below us were traditional Jews who practiced shabbat.

Many a Friday evening or Saturday, she would open up her back door and call our name and ask us to open the refrigerator to retrieve something for her or help with another task during their hours of fasting and prayer.

Those were the days when the diversity of America loved and supported religious and constitutional freedom. We didn't have the challenge of politicians enacting immoral law that kills the body and souls of our countrymen. There were no priests, bishops and popes who cheered them on, or marched in parades that are the flaunt and haunt of demons.

Life wasn't as complicated as it is now. I am so grateful to have lived in those days, to have the memory of a world of innocence and virtue and goodness.

I read the headlines of a story on the Indiana law that really had me thinking. It said something like "Indiana adopts law that allows businesses to refuse to serve gays".

I didn't bother to read the article because I knew where it was going, but I was truly taken back by it. It pains me to think our homosexual brothers and sisters are being led to believe this is about coming into a store to buy an ice cream cone or cup of coffee. Could they possibly believe we are guessing or thinking about sexual preferences when they come up to a counter to buy a can of paint?

I find it hard to believe anyone could fall into this malicious and ludicrous caricature, but I would urge all to go out of their way to ensure our homosexual brothers and sisters that this is BS.

This law is not about gays who come into a bakery and say "I'll have a dozen red velvet cupcakes'. In that business transaction, we are not being asked to use our talents and gifts and business to participate in the shill of Americans willing to rob you of your salvation or life. It's not even about a homosexual asking us to bake cupcakes for their barber shop or law office. That we can do. What we can't and won't do is use our talent to supply cupcakes to a Planned Parenthood event, an Nazi event, a Klu Klux Clan event because it is blood money. For the same reasons, we will not use the gifts God gave us to hoodwink homosexuals planning a celebration of marriage.

You want to do that, go right ahead. It's none of our business. Unless, of course, you make it our business. If and when you do make it our business, we are placed in the position of committing sin.

God knows there's plenty of priests and bishops in the world cheering us into the spiritual suicide of our immortal souls. Whether we are married heterosexuals attracted to the eyecandy at the gym or bus, separated, divorced, widowed, homosexuals -- no matter what our attractions to sin, the movement to guide us into believing it's okay or good or God's judgment upon sin is the delusion of antiquated sourpusses has infiltrated Christ's Church. All the way to the Chair of Peter.

We are deep in the doodoo. But this too shall pass and Christ's promises that the gates of hell will never prevail against His Deposit of Faith shall come to pass.

The consequences of bishops and popes collaborating and working with misguided, uncatechized and just plain evil politicians are upon us. This means many of our people will be forced to choose between a roof over their heads and food in their children's mouths and bartering away our salvation by committing sin to feed our children.

It is a terrible position. The squeezola is on.

There are constitutional laws that stop people from forcing Americans to do something against their religion. If this was about diversity and decency and respect, you would walk to the cupcake store across the street and ask them to be a participant in your celebration.

Maybe some of it is misunderstanding.

But most of it is a deliberate assault against practicing Catholics who will never give you the nudge and the wink when you want to kill your baby or live with or marry your same sex lover.

God Bless and protect Mike Pence for his valiant stand against the malicious enemy prowling to consume the heirs of Christ's Sacraments and salvation.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Faithful priests bad, pagans good

Cardinal Nichols screwed up judgment

Is Cardinal Marx Catholic?

If it walks and talks like a protestant..

Remember a month or so ago, Cardinal Marx suggested the Magisterium is subordinate to the teachings of the German Conference of Bishops?

“We are not a branch of Rome. Each conference of bishops is responsible for pastoral care in its cultural context and must preach the Gospel in its own, original way. We cannot wait for a synod to tell us how we have to shape pastoral care for marriage and family here.”

His statement ruffled feathers but let us face it: The USCCB has been operating like they have the authority to develop their own Deposit of Faith for decades. The examples are as countless as the stars. The most famous examples of recent vintage involve their insistence they did not and do not have to uphold and practice Canon Laws.

There is a library of policies that violate the Canonical and Constitutional rights of our priests but my favorite example involves Canon 915.

The USCCB has helped the commies and proaborts in the Democratic party get elected for decades, telling us the demoralization of women and murder of children was their gift to the poor. They're always right there to help elect Joe Stalin and help pass out his blankets and butter, give them honorary degrees, clap in their victory parades and give 'the devout' Holy Communion. They are always devout, those baby killers.

I couldn't count the number of times we asked them to uphold Canon 915 and they told us they could trump Rome. When we turned up the heat and sought help from Rome, 48 lawmakers sent Uncle Teddie McCarrick a threatening letter, saying don't you dare uphold Canon 915.

Cardinal McCarrick received a clarification from Rome and was instructed to deliver its contents to the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. He promptly swept it under the rug.

"... Although it was sent to the US Bishops via Cardinal McCarrick by Cardinal Ratzinger, the document was not revealed to the US Bishops. Rather McCarrick gave the impression that Cardinal Ratzinger's letter indicated Rome was ambiguous about the matter. Speaking of Ratzinger's letter in a June 15, 2003 statement to the US Bishops, Cardinal McCarrick said, 'the Cardinal (Ratzinger) recognizes that there are circumstances in which Holy Communion may be denied'."

The Romans leaked the letter to Sandro, thus revealing the fangs of the wolf. Few were surprised.

Cardinal Marx's schismatic statement was stunning but the reality of the situation is, the USCCB turned the structure into a headquarters for the counterfeit church decades ago.

Earlier this week, Cardinal Müller took Cardinal Marx's articulation of their delusions to the shed.

Cardinal Müller described the delusion as antiCatholic.

It's isn't Catholic.

An episcopal conference is not a particular council , much less an ecumenical council . The president of an Episcopal Conference is nothing more than a technical moderator , and as such has no special teaching authority . Hear that a Bishops' Conference is not a "subsidiary of Rome" gives me the opportunity to recall that the dioceses are not subsidiaries of the secretariat of an episcopal conference or diocese whose Bishop presides over the Episcopal Conference . This attitude makes the risk of waking some polarization between the local churches and the universal Church, exceeded in the councils Vatican I and Vatican II. The Church is not a set of national churches , including the presidents would vote to elect their leader at the universal level

If the Romans want to divest the structure of liars and corrupt bureaucrats, they should get rid of bishops conferences.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cardinal Koch stifles Kasper and Marx

Thus ending the charade.

Cardinal Koch thus insisted that it is dangerous to declare “life realities” as a third source of revelation: “To see how and in which way people are living their Faith today, is of course helpful and important, in order to recognize the challenges of the pastoral duties of the Church. However, this [the “life realities”] cannot be a third reality of the revelation next to Holy Scripture and the Magisterium.”

Its pretty straight-forward.

So why would a pope suggest the world embrace it?

Let's turn up the heat on Bishop Bootkoski

Bishop Bootkoski thinks Susan Sarandon gives him the vapors?

Let's turn up the heat.

Call or email Bishop Bootkoski and tell him the days of slandering and firing Catholics for holding opinions consistent with the Deposit of Faith are over. There's a new sheriff in town.

Details on how to reach him HERE.

Encourage others in your circle to do the same. Phone calls, email, fax.

Let's put him under the spotlight and show every bishop in the USCCB what happens when they attempt to rob our children of their religion.

Fr. Z also notes the real Pope Francis effect: Faithful Catholics are taking their religion back

Coming to a diocese near you.

It seems – feels – as if those who seek to silence the Voice of Orthodoxy (the Voice of the True Faithful) are no longer going to be given a pass.

Pastors of souls should take notice: Coming to a diocese near you.

Yeah. We let it get waaaay too far. But better late than never.

Pope Francis rottweilers want exclusive rights to publicity stunts

The synod is sinking and the rats are coming out of the woodwork.

Didn't Pope Francis initiative call for open and honest discussion of Kasper's heresy?

If you can distance yourself from the emotional baggage that comes with the empowerment of the thugs who sell heresy, this is fascinating to watch.

Pope picks heretic to teach his see heresy and tells us all to openly discuss the pros and cons of embracing it.

When Catholics who will never embrace heresy openly and honestly discuss the cons, Pope Francis army of mercy and justice tell us to STFU.

The duplicity is too weird to be of human origin.

Get this: After the Holy Father tells us to discuss the very public, well-orchestrated circus of deception and heresy at the synod, this Cardinal tell us not to conduct a debate about the synod through the press.

Priests should not conduct a debate about the October Family Synod through the press, Cardinal Nichols has said, following the publication of a letter signed by hundreds of priests, urging the synod to issue a ‘clear and firm proclamation’ upholding Church teaching on marriage.

They want exclusive rights to conduct publicity stunts.

I don't think so fellas.

Remember when Pope Francis said he wanted discussions about the crud in the Relatio to be transparent?

Here we see the policy on transparency starting to shape up:

Every priest in England and Wales has been asked to reflect on the Synod discussion. It is my understanding that this has been taken up in every diocese, and that channels of communication have been established,’ the statement said.

‘The pastoral experience and concern of all priests in these matters are of great importance and are welcomed by the Bishops. Pope Francis has asked for a period of spiritual discernment. This dialogue, between a priest and his bishop, is not best conducted through the press.’

Get it?

Any discussion was supposed to be privately discussed with the heretics trying to implement it.

Good one.

Next time we have a complaint, let's waste our time and call up the foxes they put in the henhouse.

There is something really creepy about communication in the administration of this papacy. In every conceivable way.

Right is wrong and wrong is right. Error is evangelized and truth is silenced.

It's the stink of sulfur.

We need to be careful because it is everywhere and demons specialize in capitalizing on naivete and stupidity.

But everywhere this agenda is being promoted, the liars and thugs storm to silence and destroy catechesis and truth.

We've all taken several bites of the apple now and it is rotten to the core.