Friday, June 23, 2017

This is kinda like...ummm....

The people in the village say its the result of beastiality and witchcraft.

Very creepy.

The veterinarian had another explanation:

'It is not however human but a deformed stillborn lamb sired by a sheep and was subsequently infected by a Rift Valley Fever at an early stage of its pregnancy.

I'm not buying it doc.

One of these days the attempts to mock God is going to breed something that lives.

Then what?

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Fr. Howdy Doody

George Weigel describes religious entertainment of Fr. Howdy Doody.

Thankfully, we don't have a lot of that in Boston anymore. I did run into it a few months ago. I had forgotten how painful it is!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Holy See (and everyone underneath them) Would Not Grant Audiences to People Who Wanted to Talk about the Raping of Children's Bodies..

So why would we ever expect them to grant audiences to people who want to talk about the rape of children's souls?
Let us not mince words: Cardinal Caffarra is protesting, however politely, an attack upon the Church by the Pope himself, who remains silent, and is evidently pleased, as the incalculable damage he is causing spreads from diocese to diocese and nation to nation.

And yet, in the face of this outrage, absolutely unparalleled in the history of the papacy, Cardinal Caffarra concludes his letter, not with a justified demand for rectification of the scandal, but rather by pleading that “our conscience impels us to humbly and respectfully request an Audience.”

I don't know. I don't think the answer as to why the Holy Father is obstructing fixing the problem is all that complicated. They've waited decades to do what they did on parish and diocescan level on the level of the Chair of Peter. He doesn't want to formally hear the damage he's doing. They never do.

Doctrinal Anarchy of Pope Francis

Sometimes an honest and frank discussion of what Pope Francis is doing hits you between the eyes.

In the following interview with the Register, Msgr. Bux explains that the Church is in a “full crisis of faith” and that the storms of division the Church is currently experiencing are due to apostasy — the “abandonment of Catholic thought.”

Is abandonment the right word?

Seems worse than abandonment.

I feel like we experienced abandonment for the last 30 years. They have moved on to the discrediting Catholic thought phase.

The cardinals expressed concern over the “grave situation” of episcopal conferences and individual bishops offering widely differing interpretations of the document, some of which they say break with the Church’s teaching. They are particularly concerned about the deep confusion this has caused, especially for priests.

PENTIN How can this problem best be resolved?

BUX: The point is: what idea does the Pope have of the Petrine ministry, as described in Lumen gentium 18 and codified in canon law? Faced with confusion and apostasy, the Pope should make the distinction — as Benedict XVI did — between what he thinks and says as a private, learned person, and what he must say as Pope of the Catholic Church. [Fr Z: I believe JPII did the same before B16 did.] To be clear: the Pope can express his ideas as a private learned person on disputable matters which are not defined by the Church, but he cannot make heretical claims, even privately. Otherwise it would be equally heretical.

I would encourage all readers to read the entire interview. His honest but frank discussion of the damage done by Pope Francis is an eyeopener.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Fruit of Cardinal O'Malley/Marty Walsh Bromance

CJ Doyle of the Catholic Action League sent out an action alert informing Catholics that Catholic Mayor Marty Walsh named an area in Roxbury after Dr. Kenneth Edelin:

The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts today denounced Boston Mayor Marty Walsh for renaming the corner of Harrison Avenue and Worcester Square in the city's South End as Dr. Kenneth C. Edelin Square.

Edelin, the infamous abortionist, was convicted in 1975 of manslaughter by a Suffolk County jury for suffocating a 24 week old infant after a failed saline abortion at Boston City Hospital. His conviction was overturned by the Supreme Judicial Court of the Commonwealth in 1976.

Edelin went on to become Chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Boston University School of Medicine, and later, Chairman of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. He would repeatedly accuse a mostly Irish American, Roman Catholic jury of racism and sectarian prejudice. "It was the religious climate; it was the racial climate..." and "They got a black physician..." Edelin said.

Mayor Walsh, a nominal Catholic, was joined City Councilors Annissa Essaibi George, Tito Jackson, and Ayanna Pressley, former governor Deval Patrick, and representatives of Planned Parenthood for the dedication ceremony on June 15th.

The Catholic Action League called the event "a depraved celebration of mass murder, a cynical whitewash of a serial killer, and a callous insult to faithful Catholics and all who believe in the sanctity of innocent human life."

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: "In a civilized society, this Mengele like creature would have been punished for his hideous crimes. Instead, what was once the most Catholic city in America now commemorates him as a pioneer of so-called reproductive rights. Thursday's event is further evidence of the collapse of Catholicism in Boston, its thorough de-Christianization, and its emergence as a secular, post-Catholic and anti-Catholic community."

"Marty Walsh, who is running for re-election, has decided that he will not be outflanked on his left. He has adopted the most extreme margins of pro-abortion politics. Walsh has rallied to defend taxpayer subsidies of Planned Parenthood, accepted the 'Men for Choice' Award from NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts, and has called for Boston to become a sanctuary city for abortions, should Roe v. Wade be overturned."

"If there are any mitigating circumstances in the apostasy of Walsh, it is that he has never heard a word of reproof from his enablers and promoters in the Archdiocese of Boston, who can, reliably, be counted upon to remain silent in the face of this latest affront to Catholic principles and sensibilities."

# # # # # # #

The man who preferred charges against Kenneth Edelin was Garrett H. Byrne (1897-1989), who was District Attorney of Suffolk County for 27 years, from 1952 to 1979. He is best remembered for his successful prosecution---begun one day before the expiration of the statute of limitations---of the perpetrators of the biggest robbery in American history, the Great Brinks Job.

Byrne was a thoroughly decent man, a dedicated prosecutor, a pious Catholic, and a public official of unimpeachable integrity. He was so profoundly affected by the heinous character of this monstrous physician's ghastly crime, that his friends, like State Representative James J. Craven, actually worried about his health during the case.

As recounted by author David F. Pierre, Jr. in his book, Sins of the Press: The Untold Story of The Boston Globe's Reporting on Sex Abuse in the Catholic Church, Byrne's early investigation of a pedophile ring earned him the opposition of The Boston Globe and the wrath of homosexual activists, hastening the end of his long career.

Neither the City of Boston nor the Catholic Church has ever named any place or erected any thing to preserve the memory of this good man, who may justly, be regarded as one of the proto-heroes of the pro-life movement.

Live Action covered the story here.

Edelin and his legal team claim that he “had run his finger around the uterine wall to separate the fetus from the placenta and then stood looking at a wall clock for three minutes before removing the fetus from the uterus,” effectively suffocating the preborn baby. Witnesses, however, said that the baby was born alive, and was then suffocated after the fact. A medical examiner and pathologist agreed that this scenario could be a possibility, after having examined the baby’s lungs to see if the baby had taken a breath. Witnesses also said that Edelin had stated that he had no intention of delivering a live baby, as “it would have been contrary to the wishes of the mother.”

Kenneth Edelin was a treacherous murderer.

What's next? Naming the Boston Common after Kim Jong-un? Naming a bridge after Adolph Hitler?

What strikes me about this story is the notorious bromance between Marty Walsh and Cardinal O'Malley. We could wallpaper the Cathedral with the photos in newspapers of Marty at at Catholic events shortly before being taxied from the event to 'fight for abortions' and adultery.

Cardinal O'Malley and Walsh even led a Catholic pilgrimage to Knock. Its mystifying why Cardinal O'Malley would choose a politician to help lead a Catholic pilgrimage who works so hard in the public square to obstruct salvation.

This tedious charade leaves the uncatechized (including Marty) with the impression that the Cardinal thinks Marty Walsh is a living witness to the faith and an effective evangelist of Catholic theology.

Isn't it time to re-think the strategy of cozying up to Nero? It isn't supported by anything in Scripture. The Holy Family didn't do it. The Apostles didn't do it.

Christ doesn't pray at the installation of Herod. St. Paul does not hook up with Pilate to lead a pilgrimage to Mt. Tabor. The Apostles don't invite Agustus Caesar to cut the ribbon when they established new Catholic Churches. They all preached the faith in the public square and were martyred at the hands of political enemies of Christ's teachings.

The craven behavior of Cardinals O'Malley, Dolan and those like them does not go unnoticed. They avoid dry martyrdom by handing over their people to Kenneth Edelin and Caligula.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

How Catholics Supernaturally Pray the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Here is a priceless post about what is happening in the Sacred Liturgy.

This knowledge is tremendous assistance with the supernatural prayer that takes you to these events. You can't remember everything, but you pick out what is important to you and what will help mystically be present in the Life of Christ.

The priest going to the foot of the altar represents Christ going to Mount Olivet.

The priest commencing the Holy Mass represents Christ beginning to pray in the Garden.

The priest saying the Confiteor represents Christ falling down and sweating blood at Mt. Olivet

The priest going to the Epistle side represents Christ being captured, bound and taken to Annas.

The priest going to the middle of the altar and saying the Kyrie eleison represents Christ being brought to Caiphas and these three times denied by Peter.

The priest reading the Epistle represents Christ being brought to Pilate.

The priest reading the Gospel represents Christ being taken to Pilate and again mocked.

The priest uncovering the chalice represents Christ being shamefully exposed.

The priest offering bread and wine represents Christ being cruelly scourged.

The priest covering the chalice represents Christ being crowned with thorns.

The priest washing his hands represents Christ being declared innocent by Pilate.

The priest making the memento for the living represents Christ carrying the cross to Mount Calvary.

The priest elevating the host represents Christ being raised on the cross.

The priest elevating the chalice represents Christ shedding blood from the five wounds.

The priest saying aloud the the Pater Noster represents Christ saying the seven words on the cross.

The priest breaking and separating the host represents Christ giving up His spirit.

The priest saying the Agnus Dei represents Christ being acknowledged on the cross as the Son of God by many bystanders.

The priest preparing the chalice again represents Christ rising from the dead.

Catholics who pray the Holy Sacrifice are deeply concentrating on being physically present as these things take place. It's really happening. We are not in the pews. As these things are happening we're approaching Christ to connect our soul to His Love and Divinity and Power. We are dissolving into Christ, asking Him for miracles, protection, exorcisms, gifts of the Holy Spirit. We're seeking His Wisdom and guidance. We are cramming in indulgences for ourselves and souls in purgatory.

Instead of teaching our people what the Liturgy is and how to pray it, they've led them down the rabbit hole of coming to Mass to get a cheap thrill from sappy music and handing out Communion. They've built themselves a performance stage in front of what is happening. They're anxious for the moments they can spring from their chairs and stampede the Sanctuary to get in on the performance which they sometimes applaud. They are completely dumbfounded by those of us who won't leave the pursuit of Christ to engage in cheap grace. Most don't know the difference between what is happening in a Catholic Church and what is not happening at the Protestant Church down the street. In their ignorance, many have fled there. God help them.

Did you ever think we would see the day when we have a pope who is selling cheap thrills mortal sin and Martin Luther?? Sneering and slandering living every day in a State of Grace?

Fr. Scalia explains the difference between a 'remembrance' and making present:

Our symbols of remembrance remain merely that – symbols. Our monuments remind us, but they do not make present. Only the Lord fulfills the longing of human memory by making history’s greatest event present to us now under the form of bread and wine. In what Saint Thomas calls the “memorial ne’er to cease,” everything of His Sacrifice is made present: His offering to the Father, the stretching of His Body on the Cross, the shedding of His Blood, His prayer for mercy, and even the giving of His mother.

“Were you there when the crucified my Lord?” the American spiritual asks. No, we were not – nor did we need to be. The Mass makes His crucifixion present to us, precisely so that we can become participants in His offering and conform our lives to that event.
This consideration of the Eucharistic memorial teaches us something about how Mother Church remembers. She does not reminisce about the good old days or merely recall her Lord. She is always – throughout history and throughout the world – making Him present through the ministry of her priests.

All teaching about Jesus Christ reaches its fulfillment in this memorial, in which He is not just recalled but made present. And without this memorial all teaching would remain only a recollection about past events.

To appreciate the memorial sacrifice, then, requires an appreciation of human memory. If we reduce our memory to that technological recall, easily delegated to a device, then we lose the template for understanding the memorial that perfects all human memory.

More later on the prayer of the Mass but wanted to get some food for thought on this glorious feast of Corpus Christi.

Happy Father's Day to all readers who are Dads and priests and deacons, bishops and Cardinals.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Boy, Fr. Martin is as mad as a hatter!

Phil takes him to the shed.

Seems to me his new appointment making zany statements on behalf of the pope has put his heresy petal to the metal.

I don't understand how this man is allowed to continue his egregious malpractice and spiritual homicides.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Love and The Letter of the Law

This is going to sound cray cray, and it is, but today's readings are often used to teach Catholics that adultery and sodomy is the manifestation of Christ's love and the Commandments and Divine Law and those who teach it were enemies of Christ.

The First Reading, we have this:

our qualification comes from God,
who has indeed qualified us as ministers of a new covenant,
not of letter but of spirit;
for the letter brings death, but the Spirit gives life.
This reading actually conveys that when you love somebody, your faithfulness to them is driven by your passion for them, NOT a passion for the law. 

Laws don't even enter your mind when you are making judgments about what actions to take or not take during the course of your day.   All you're thinking about in everything you do and say, is how to put your love and affection into action to please your beloved, your children, family, friends.

People who are not teaching in good faith will twist Christ's own words and actions to teach that in Christ's Contempt for Divine Law and those who teach it, He wanted us to lure the people we love into adultery and sodomy!    We're hearing this as the new covenant of Pope Francis, ad nauseum. 

But Christ reconciles and explains His Covenant perfectly and gives a warning to theological perverts:

Jesus said to his disciples:
"Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets.
I have come not to abolish but to fulfill.
Amen, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away,
not the smallest letter or the smallest part of a letter
will pass from the law,
until all things have taken place.
Therefore, whoever breaks one of the least of these commandments
and teaches others to do so
will be called least in the Kingdom of heaven.
But whoever obeys and teaches these commandments
will be called greatest in the Kingdom of heaven."